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Out of over 825 entries, this ‘ultra-short’ (under 150 words) story was selected as an honoree in the 9th Annual Ultra-Short Competition sponsored by The Binnacle. “Here Lie the Chicken Bones” will be published in late 2012 / early 2013 with the other fifty-two honorees and, of course, the four winners.

The Binnacle has published literature and art for over fifty years. They put out three publications annually: the Spring, Fall, and Ultra-Short Competition editions.

So, check one out.

Or, submit something. It’s always ‘no’ unless you try.

And, congrats to the winners!

Eric Svehaug – Married Love, Year Thirty (Poetry)

Cynthia Tracy Larsen – The Loyalty of Legs (General Fiction)

Lisa Ricard Claro – A Twisty Thing (Humor)

Jordan Gilletti – Roots (UMM Student Winner)


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Catching Maggie
“a beautifully sensitive story”
“very strong finalist” for the 11th annual Glass Woman Prize
The Glass Woman Prize is awarded for short fiction or creative non-fiction written by a woman on a subject of significance to women.
I will post “Catching Maggie” as soon as the story has a publisher. 
Check out my story “Revisions,” which made the Glass Woman Prize shortlist in 2009.



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A Class of ’08 Alumna on 7-1-11

has gone live with Safety Pin Review


See it attached to the back of  a Harvard student who wears it everywhere he goes for a week.

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In the beginning, The Arachnid spun its web from the void, in the deep darkness that was upon the face of the heavens, and the winds moved upon its web.

And the winds brought forth the first fly to The Arachnid’s web, causing the fly to become ensnared.

And The Arachnid felt the fly’s movement upon the face of its web and was drawn to the fly.

And The Arachnid crept along its web, descended upon the fly and called what it found there Life…   <<read more>>

Frightmares: A Fistful of Flash Fiction Horror, Dark Moon Books,

available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and other retailers

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 August at the Fair

August limps past the Ferris wheel, a cotton candy wisp stuck to her cheek. She stops, licks her dusty lips with a snow cone-blue tongue while deciding how to spend her sister Summer’s last dollar bill…   <<read more>>

Microfiction Spotlight: November 9th through 15th, 2011, Microstory A Week

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authors of the eChook Digital Publishing Short Stories, Vol. 1 announced:

Nick Boreham, Mark Budman, Claude Clayton Smith, Mindy Hardwick, Natalie McNabb, Christine Pakkala, Dave Schofield, Megan Smith-Harris and Townsend Walker

sign up at eChook Digital Publishing to receive pre-publication excerpts about this and other upcoming short story collections and ebooks for iPhone, iPad, Kindle, Android and Nook Color

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Finalist / Top 8
awarded for a work of short fiction or creative non-fiction (prose)
written by a woman…on a subject of significance to women
thank you Jessica Powers and Ann and Amanda Angel for including this story in Silent Embrace: Perspectives on Birth and Adoption from Catalyst Book Press
writers receive so many rejections, and sometimes it’s fun to share the rare acceptance note or announcement…
Dear Natalie:
While your story “Revisions” didn’t win one of the monetary prizes, it was one of the eight top contenders. Out of 622 entries, that’s quite an accomplishment and I hope it means something to you. With your permission, I would like to post your story on the Glass Woman Prize web page…
…In any event, congratulations on a compelling and interestingly told story. All the best to you,


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