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A Dog and Its Bone

a story about a home invasion debacle involving a Balisong knife, a bottle of Crown, an Old English sheepdog, and one man’s very tall tale

“Their coffee was cold and the room hot, but they hunkered over their cups nevertheless. Mickey scanned the bodies, tables and chairs pressed upon one another by the four brick walls. A brunette in the corner placed her cup on a saucer, looked up from her paper. She lifted her chin at Mickey, trapped his gaze. Mickey looked away and whispered to Christophe, “The details?”…Mickey looked back at the brunette. She had a ring. That’d be a challenge. But, they were feistier with rings on their fingers and never followed you around afterwards…”   <<read more>>

~ November 2011 Issue of Hobo Pancakes: A Humor Journal


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The Six-Year Itch

…“We’re set for tomorrow?” he asks. It’s not a question.

“You fly out at 6:36 p.m…I confirmed late arrival with The Bellagio and lunch with your niece.” Niece, my ass. She didn’t sound eighteen. More like my age, thirty… <<read more>>

~ The Short Humour Site

watch for this piece to appear in People of Few Words, Vol. IV, to be published in 2012

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