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 Say it will be so…

Despite slashes to arts funding and a rapidly changing publishing industry, an email this morning relit my hope for fiction writers. According to American Short Fiction:

Date: Fri, 23 Dec 2011 06:13:19 -0500
To: me
From: them
Subject: Writers are the next rock gods

…Maybe you’re OK with a world where there’s a widening disconnection from art and people feel powerless to stop that. We’re not. We don’t want to talk about whether fiction is dying, we want to show you how deeply it’s thriving…

The Editors

I believe! And, I want to shout it to the world, as you can see. I promise to work on the outfit before I hit a stage anywhere though. Until then, pay American Short Fiction a visit. They really are pretty awesome.

Three cheers for the future rock gods–writers!
~ N


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look for new Flash, Micro Fiction and Poetry to show up online, in print and in some other not-so-normal places over the next few months

The Safety Pin Review

find it online

hear it on Centerpiece, WECI 91.5fm

see it “attached (via safety pins) to…operatives—a collective network of punks, thieves and anarchists—who wear it everywhere they go for a week

Eclectic Flash

The Battered Suitcase, Vagabondage Press

Frightmares Flash Fiction Anthology, Dark Moon Books 

Microstory A Week 

Grey Sparrow Journal

Six Minute Magazine

Short Stories, Vol. I, eChook Digital Publishing

Gargoyle Magazine

and others

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I will buy a truckload of old-fashioned light bulbs if they ban incandescents. My issue with halogen and flourescent bulbs? The color, poor quality, and flicker tires and offends my eyes. I would rather write by candlelight.

Use whatever bulb you prefer, but don’t tell me which bulb I must buy. Going green is fine, and I’m on board for the most part, but forcing your ideas on others proves nothing but how unenlightened you really are.

Three cheers for Edison’s incandescents and a ‘BOOO!’ for lawmakers and others who have nothing better to do.   ~ N

“Seeing the Light”

by Moira Allen, Editor, http://www.writing-world.com 

I don’t often use this space for “advocacy,” but this month I’m going to make an exception. This month, I’m going to take a stand for something that is of rather great importance for writers: Light. Many of you are probably aware that a ban on incandescent light bulbs is scheduled to go into effect in the U.S. in January 2012…What is offered in place of such bulbs is a choice between halogen and “compact fluorescent” bulbs… <<read more>>

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There was that summer

I first saw your waves:

Memorial Day had drawn me here;

Labor Day had carried me away…   <<read more>>

~ Horable Mention, Nantucket Directory 2011-2012 Poetry Contest

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Only Seventeen

When they pick me up, Mother

won’t come

get me.

This lifts my runaway status,

sets me

free… <<read more>>

~ The Stone Hobo

also up at the site: Observations of a Mexican Barfly

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Observations of a Mexican Barfly

Brunette Margarita doesn’t offer herself


to Blond Tequila Sunrise,

who shadows her now… <<read more>>

~ The Stone Hobo

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The Best Bite

At ten I imagined that love
was like the best bite of
my peanut butter and jelly… <<read more>>

~ Every Day Poets

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